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Marna, the Grooming Lady or Doggie Lady as she's been called has been in the dog business since she was a little girl.
Her family raised and showed Collies, Puli's, and then graduated to the toy dogs such as Maltese, Lhasas, etc.
Grooming came early because of this business.
Marna's Mother opened up a grooming shop in a suburb of Chicago when she was a teenager, and Marna started working
there full time at the age of 19 and ended up managing the shop when her Mom and Sister started going to more and more
dog shows traveling all over the US. The shop closed after 15 years of business due to the center where it was was getting
really built up and the rent sky rocking. Marna took the business home and groomed for many years, until most of the dogs
passed away. By that time she moved into Chicago proper and groomed on and off, as she was pursuing a singing career.
She worked for a Vet, and for a few Doggie Daycares in Chicago.
She has recently relocated to Englewood Florida and is grooming again. Besides knowing what the breeds look like,
she talks to the customer about the dog and doesn't do MYSTERY GROOMING. She treats the dogs like they were her own.
Her specialties are long haired dogs, old dogs, and dogs with special needs like separation anxiety.

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