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18 Feb, 2012


8 Feb, 2012

Thanks Marna for doing such a good job with Zoey. When I go home I will get my groomer to do Zoey just like you did. My favorite grooming so far.

Judy Wilson
10 Feb, 2011

Marna, Cassie wanted me to thank you for doing such a great job giving her a hair cut. I could tell as soon as we walked in your house that she was going to like you. She can be skittish around new people but took to you right away. Thanks again and we will be seeing you again soon.

Karen Hoover
2 Feb, 2011

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1 Feb, 2011

Mimi (and my) testimonial: As you can see from my photo I am very proud of my new haircut. Marna took very good care of my since I can be very nervous around strangers and away from my "mommy". She was very pleased when she came to pick me up and I was happy that I did not have to be crated, Marna let me wait on her comfy couch and treated me like she owned me! What more can I say -I will be back for more TLC from Marna.

10 Jan, 2011

I Marna did a fantastic job with our difficult- to- groom Labradoodle. She looks great and more importantly, I know she was treated well. I was reluctant to take our baby to a groomer where she would get stuck in a crate waiting. But I will always be glad to take her to the Grooming Lady's home. Marna is a genuine dog lover and really knows her stuff. Now our Doodle is in dog show form!

Dr. Lipken
25 June, 2010

I would like to talk about Marna Martin, “The Dog Lady”. I have known “The Dog Lady” for over 30 years when she lived in the same suburb I did and I brought my Yorkshire Terrier, who was in full show coat, to her for grooming. She did an amazing job. Having come from a background of a family that breeds and shows dogs, she knows “exactly” what each breed requires to look their very best.
Marna and I lost contact until about 15 years ago and once I found her I brought my second and third Yorkies to her and she kept them in “tip-top” how coat, (at my request). Now she’s moved on and I am totally lost without her. I haven’t found one groomer that grooms like she does.
Marna is extremely well-versed in any breed and knows exactly how each breed should be groomed, plus SHE LOVES ANIMALS, so no one has to worry that she will do anything but love your dog while your dog is being “prettified”. I am lost without her and anyone that has their dog groomed by her is very lucky.

Patti Blair
20 June 2010

I met Marna when her husband did my website.
She groomed Maija for me and I was very very happy. Mia loved her and ran around her house happy as can be. I was very, very happy with the outcome and Maija looked great. Nothing like a happy experience for my little Maija.

Mike Benson

Benson's Quality Cleaning Service
Aug. 1, 2010

Captain hates to go to the groomer or the Vet to get his nails done. He puts on the brakes when he sees the door and is hard to handle for them. I asked Marna to come over and cut his nails for me. She walked in and he greeted her with a toy and got all excited when he saw here. She sat on the floor and he gave her his paws and just sat there. The nails were cut with in 2 minutes and the dog was happy, and I was happy. I shall call on Marna now everytime I need his nails cut. I'm so glad I found her.

Carol G

Nov. 4, 2010

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